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A thorough and accurate inspection of site locations is crucial for achieving a quality design. Our site survey teams are professionals who know the requirements for placing OSP facilities at site locations, such as MDF's multi-dwelling units and pads / buildings / poles for wireless and wireline applications.

Our site survey teams will provide layout and CAD designs for approval from property owners, municipalities and the client.

We provide 360 degree photos for our engineers to create an accurate design. Entrance conduit, backboards, associated racking, sub-terminals, and clear path to the customer are all part of the site survey.

Site Surveys
  • Site Survey for OSP Deployment

  • Site Audits, Current and Projected Growth

  • Cable Accounting

  • Grounding Requirements

  • Space Availability

  • Power Requirements

  • NESC Code Requirements for Building Entrance Cables

  • OSHA / Safety Violations Prior to Construction Phase Inspections

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