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J5 is approved as a National CRAN/HUB Design Firm for Verizon Wireless

On March 27, 2017, J5 joined a select group of other firms to be approved as a national A&E vendor supplying CRAN / HUB Design services to Verizon Wireless. J5 will be listed in the next revision of VzW National standard OTHR40017 Supplier Listing.

Becoming a nationally qualified A&E design firm for VzW is no easy task. VzW has an extensive set of documented standards based on code and quality requirements which are taken seriously. The expectation is that new firms come up to speed on the standards quickly and remain up to date on these standards. Innovation is always encouraged with a cautious approach keeping network reliability of the highest importance.

Hub sites are utilized for backhaul aggregation for multiple Macro or Micro (Small) Cell sites. Sites can include microwave huts, DAS (Distributed Antenna System), ODAS (Outdoor DAS), or CRAN (Centralized Radio Antenna Network). Hub sites have a greater impact on network reliability than individual cell sites. These sites are typically physically larger than cell sites and have a much higher power demand. HVAC must be properly sized and distributed in order to meet the demand load of these sites. AC power services, generator back up, and distribution also play a key role in their reliability.

J5 is very excited to be chosen

to support VzW in one of the most important design challenges facing VzW. These CRAN Hubs are the future of VzW and J5 has committed to being an integral part of their overall design team.

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