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Our team of certified technicians and deep bench of civil and electrical experts allows J5 to rapidly deploy to a trouble site, ascertain the problem quickly, and help get your site back on air in short order.

Whether the site alarms in the middle of the day, the middle of the night, or right before a major event, we can provide the appropriate solution for you.

1,500+ Sites Completed 
Repair & Maintenance Services
  • All weather, all access response

  • PIM, Sweep, Fiber Testing

  • Repair and/or replace all coax types and sizes

  • Beacon light troubleshooting and repair on compete system

  • Controller repair and replacement

  • Grounding repair and replacement

  • Antenna azimuth repairs and adjustments

  • All types connector repair and replacement 

  • Live site CPRI testing

  • BBU, RRH, OVP, troubleshooting, repair, and Replacement

  • Site vandalism response, assessment and repair

  • Generator Fueling

  • TRACCess troubleshooting and repair

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