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Permitting includes layout design, municipal and state permitting, and traffic control plans. J5 works with the city, county, state, and private owners to ensure we have secured the right of way (ROW) for any paths required for the fiber and copper cable run designs.
We also work with cities, counties and states with obligatory jobs concerning road moves for relocation of facilities.
At J5, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver the finest traffic control plans for OSP contractors to place, remove and repair OSP facilities.
Permitting Services
  • Public Permit Management
  • Environmental and Natural Resource Management and Approval
  • State, County, and Local City ROW Permitting
  • Railroad Crossing Permitting
  • Road Moves
  • Specialty Permits with Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Army Corps of Engineers, and United States Military Bases
  • Waterways and Water Resources
  • Traffic Control Plans
  • Layout Design for All of the Above
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