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Field engineering for outside plant (OSP) facilities is extensive. We offer field engineering for utility poles. We conduct a field survey of each pole for pole data, and visually inspect for obvious defects, current facilities on the pole, climbing space percentage, pole loading, risers, down guys, and balancing.


We use a Calibrated Visual Target (CVT) for height measurement and laser measuring devices for pole distancing. These methods provide precise measurements for span distances.


J5 provides layout designs for all locations inspected, including all associated facilities such as pedestals, hand holes, risers and drops. Our field engineers meet with contract OSP companies, property management and private property owners to negotiate the work activities and access to property and pole locations.


Field Engineering Services
  • Pole Height Measurements, Pole Data Collection, and Pole Balancing

  • Grounding Management

  • Down Guy Inspections and Recommendations

  • Mid-span Sag Measurements

  • Structure Access Related to OSP Placement, Hand Holes, Pedestals, Risers, Conduits, and Line Track Access (Parking)

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