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J5 focuses on construction feasibility and cost control from the beginning of the program.
We work with our clients to clearly identify the coverage, leasing, planning, construction and installation variables early in the process. This allows our team can make well-informed go or no-go decisions, anticipate cost and schedule impacts and resolve extraordinary items prior to the commencement of implementation and commitment of resources
As technology and data demand have caused a shift from macro builds to small cells, DAS and WiFi, our implementation services have kept pace. 
Our installation techs are certified by leading OEMs and are trained to conduct similar evaluations of cost, schedule and quality of service to ensure our clients have the opportunity to make informed decisions.
6,000 Sites Completed 
Civil Construction Services
  • Line & Antenna for All Technologies and Site Types
  • Site Troubleshooting, Optimization & Repair

  • Microwave Certified

    • All Major Brands

    • Installation

    • Programming

    • Provisioning

    • Pathing

  • Fiber, PIM, and Sweep Testing Certified

  • SMR Installations, RRH Swaps & Upgrades

  • Small Cell & CRAN Installations

  • iDAS/oDAS Installation & Optimization

    • Antennas

    • Equipment

    • Lines

    • Headroom Construction & Installation

  • FTTCS/ETTCS Civil work

  • New Site Build Construction

  • DC Power Distribution Frame

  • Battery plant Installation & Swaps

  • FAA / FCC Obstruction Lighting

  • Marking Installation & Maintenance

  • Generator Install & Swaps

  • General Site Maintenance & Emergency Repair

  • Battery Installation, Removal, Replacement, Transport, and Disposal


Installation Services
  • Fiber & Conduit
  • ALU 7705, SAR-8 Routers

  • Ericsson 2941, 901, 903 Routers

  • SIAD Installation & Migration

  • cRAN Router & BBU Installation/Integration

  • 911 GPS Lock

  • Alarm Installation & Testing

  • Electrical Services

  • Scripting

  • Equipment Integration

  • Cienna Installation & C-to-C Swaps

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