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J5 has experience in all forms of Small Cell and C-RAN deployment, from ROW installs via existing infrastructure such as power poles, light standards and traffic signal poles, to custom one-off designs to work with the existing architecture in the lease area environment.


Our team works with all major pole manufacturers in the United States on off-the-shelf designs and modifications of current designs. We also self-perform pole designs and engineering when a truly unique solution is the only option.

Thousands of Nodes,
Scores of Hubs 
  • Fluent in ROW structure leasing, permitting, and design criteria

  • MLA negotiations with jurisdictions, major utility companies, and nationwide commercial entities

  • Full zoning support including code amendments to allow C-RAN deployments

Design & Engineering
  • C-RAN Node and Hub qualification performed in-house

  • Full engineering capabilities for all phases of Nodes, Clusters/Polygons, and Hubs

  • Fluent in all new C-RAN technologies from all major providers

  • Advanced design capabilities to facilitate small or atypical footprints

  • Experienced in front haul, back haul, dark fiber design, Node & Hub frame layout, and fiber route identification and layout

  • Self-perform site surveys and audits

Construction Management Services
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